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The idea of the compound name Franck Olivier“, famous in the field of ready-to-wear for over forty years, has been suggested by the names of the two children of the founder of the brand, Frank” and “Olivier” .
Son of a diplomat, this designer admit I was impressed from an early age by the glitz of receptions, parties and cocktails, but especially by the elegance of the women who participated. No doubt there he drew the inspiration that makes its own style today.

His career began with the establishment in the years 1955/1963 of a first garment factory located in the center of France, which quickly engendered the creation of two other factories.
As a professional wanting to combine a mastery of production techniques to all the parameters involved in manufacturing a quality product, Franck Olivier is defined primarily as an industrial highly focused on cut and finishing techniques.

However, couture has always been part of a long family tradition; his grandfather being fabric selector for Haute Couture, supplying top brand names in Paris.

In 1964, Franck Olivier launches his own business in Paris, by now making an impact on the French market as a top end designer and manufacturer.
Since then, and as his master stroke, he supervises teams of designers whom he provides with guidance based on the trends and colour ways of the season.
The choice of styles is mainly based on sketches and subsequently expanded under the themes of Urban wear, Evening or Sportswear.
Franck Olivier officially showcases its first collection to the public and press in 1965. The designer’s focus rapidly turns to the world of Haute Couture and his desire for it to become widely accessible to the greater public, in contrast to luxury ready to wear.

In 1967, the fashion designer expands his export activities abroad by establishing a strong presence in Japan and the United States. He opens a showroom in New-York, the launch pad for the distribution of his clothing lines throughout America, and follows up with a boutique on Fifth Avenue.

Franck Olivier clothing is aimed at women with spirit, who are dynamic and elegant. The Franck Olivier customer is looking for a distinctive style; classical clothing with impact that meets the rules of representation. Loyal customers included several big names in showbiz, the business world and in the political arena.
Franck Olivier likes to work with natural and luxurious fabrics especially those with certain fluidity, hence his particular love of silk as well as linen or thick cotton. He maintains his focus on providing a sophisticated garment that is ‘Made in France’ and that adapts to the market in an accessible way.
His silhouettes are often printed or embroidered so that the full personality of his signature is brought across.

In October 1993, the brand consolidates its reputation by launching its first fragrance for women which is showcased at Cannes Duty Free Exhibition. As always he participates actively in both the creation of the juice and bottle design, his motivation being to pay an increasingly prestigious tribute to his eternal muse: womankind.

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